The Law, Lego and Sustainable Children’s Rights

Apr 16, 2024 | News

If we are to sustainably implement children’s rights, we need fair access to justice for all children, training to strengthen advocates for their rights…and a pair of LEGO earrings!  Bar the latter, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child agrees.

As many of you know, the Scottish Child Law Centre is a specialist hub protecting children’s rights in Scotland.  We provide free legal advice about child law and children’s rights, specialist training for professionals, and we use the evidence from our direct engagement to influence long term change.

Recently, Corrie from our community engagement team, visited Annette Street PS in Govanhill to meet with some of the new young advisors joining our National Investigators Group.  There was much chat about the group’s plans but even more chat about Corrie’s LEGO earrings!  They connected.

We talk often at the Centre about changing the face of law.  Reaching into the heart of communities to remove barriers and helping children, and those who care and support them, to understand how the law can help empower their lives is one way.  As too, are the plans we have to mentor children from disadvantaged backgrounds and help them to consider a career in law.  

Our National Investigators Group will help us to shape our specialist child law services and reach out to help more children from a diversity of backgrounds.

Our community engagement team are also currently working with partners and local people in Govanhill community to co-produce community advice clinics.  This builds on a pilot clinic which identified multiple and serious breaches of rights across marginalised groups, particularly the black and ethnic minority community.

In addition to regular advice to prevent more breaches, clinics will be held in familiar partner provider settings, where next steps are supported, and specialist training will upskill staff and ensure sustainable forward support.  Plans are in place for community clinics in Fife and we welcome interest from partners across Scotland.

There’s no doubt that it’s tough out there in these times.  The fact that there has been a 100% increase in enquiries received by our free legal service in this month alone, says it all.  Professionals also tell us how much they struggle in this fast-changing child policy environment and are already signing up for our new masterclasses and bespoke training packages.

The Scottish Child Law Centre is unique in being the only specialist hub for all ages of children, and those who care and support them, and advising across all areas of child-related Scots law.  And, all advice is answered by our qualified solicitors – every one of them a passionate children’s rights advocate.

We believe the future of children’s rights has to be less about trendy tick box talk and more about legally binding law.  Our doors are wide open so do get in touch.  We may even throw in a pair of LEGO earrings!

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