We Offer Training To Organisations, Individuals And Schools

Our training courses are designed to take account updates in the law and delivered by our solicitors. We are a recognised leader in the provision of training on children’s rights and the law as it affects children in Scotland.

Our Training

Our training is provided by qualified solicitors and can take place in-person or online. The training sets out the legal framework for the topic with the use of scenarios, case studies, questions and informal discussion to provide practical application for those working with children in a range of contexts.

Our training is delivered by fully qualified lawyers


All training is bespoke and tailored to the needs of your organisation

Training can be designed in co-production with children and young people and training participants


An interactive training style is used

Lots Of Information, Clearly Presented. Obviously Very Knowledgeable And Able To Answer All Questions

Bespoke Training

We want to empower children with the law. We can design bespoke, age appropriate training in partnership with children and young people to be delivered in schools. Our qualified solicitors can work with the children to design training in areas of interest to them and deliver interactive and engaging workshops.

We can offer bespoke training in the following areas:

  • Young People and the Law
  • UNCRC Incorporation
  • Children’s Hearing System
  • Parental Responsibilities and Rights
  • Permanence and Adoption

“Really helpful and signposted towards lots of resources. Answered all questions- was really informative.”

“Having such a knowledgeable trainer who welcomes questions. Clarification throughout really adds experience of knowledge transfer.”

School Talks

We believe children themselves can make a positive impact on their peer groups and we want to empower children with the knowledge to make these changes and so, we want to directly engage with as many children in Scotland as possible.

Our qualified solicitors can give talks to your pupils about their rights on any given subject including participating in children’s hearings, the law and sexual activities. We also deliver talks about “self-produced sexually explicit images” of children and where to find help.

With the ever-increasing instances of misuse of self-produced sexually explicit images of children, it’s more important than ever to discuss this with them.

Children who know their rights are more likely to know when they should report worrying events and seek help if they’re in trouble, or if their friends are.

We can provide training in the following areas:

  • Legal rights and responsibilities and UNCRC – ‘at what age can I’?
  • Online safety (including sexting and expressing views etc.)
  • Relationships and the Law (geared towards S4)
  • Access to records and confidentiality
  • In trouble with the law – the age of criminal responsibility and police powers (stop and search)
  • Bullying and the Law
  • Your rights when your parents separate

“I have more rights than I thought.”

“I have learned a lot about Children’s rights and when we can and can’t do things.”

“I have learnt more about how children are viewed by the law.”


These sessions are ideal for professionals, students, young people and any interested individuals who want to learn about children’s rights and the law. We offer 1-hour online masterclasses on the following topics:

UNCRC and incorporation into Scottish Law

Children’s Hearings

Court Orders under the Children (Scotland) Act 1995

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