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Contract: These terms of business shall form together with each individual instruction issued by you to us your entire contract with us for the provision of professional services. The issuing by you and the acceptance by us of instruction in any new matter and the continuing provision by us of professional services in any existing matter shall be deemed an acceptance and agreement by you of these terms. If you are in any doubt about any of these terms, then please contact us for clarification.

Service: We are a Registered Charity in Scotland Scottish Child Law Centre (SCLC) SCO: 12741. Our Solicitors are registered with the Law Society of Scotland and are subjects to its professional rules and professional indemnity insurance. We will provide you with training and/or written document review and/or policy writing and/or drafting services, as instructed by you.

Timescales for providing training: the date or series of dates, as well as location of training event(s) will be agreed with us. Please complete the necessary booking forms once the date and location has been agreed with our member(s) of staff and return them to us together with these completed Terms of Business.

Your Responsibilities:

We require you to provide instructions and information timeously when requested. We would also ask that you provide us with any changes to your contact details, address, email address or telephone number or main point of contact in your organisation. We also expect you to settle our invoice issued to you for payment within 30 days of its issue.

We require you to complete, sign and return these Terms and Conditions. We also require you to complete, sign and return the booking form if such is required for the type of services you are engaging the Centre in.

Fees and Charges for training services:

Unless other agreement has been reached with a member of our staff in writing, we will charge you for our training services the following fees according to the type and size of your organisation and the number of delegates attending the event:


Costs for Up to 14 Delegates (One Trainer)

Half Day

Full Day




Other Organisations                                               



Costs for groups between 15 and 25 Delegates (One Trainer)

Half Day

Full Day


£100 per additional delegate

£140 per additional delegate

Other Organisations                                               

£130 per additional delegate

£170 per additional delegate            

If the trainer is required to travel to the training venue travel expenses will be changed to cover the cost of getting to the venue and back. Additional travel time may be changed according to the agreement reached with the member of staff of the Scottish Child Law Centre at the time of booking being made. The travel time would be varied from £20 to £50 per hour depending on the type of the organisation the training being delivered to.

Agreement of Fees: Where fees have not been agreed or fixed or where work is necessitated over and above what is the specified work in our fee quote with a subsequent note of fee issued in addition, we reserve the right to collect our fees, which will be charged in accordance with paragraph 7c above.

Payment of Fees: Payment of fees can be made by bank transfer or cheque payment issues in the post to the Centre’s place of business. Please make cheques payable to “Scottish Child Law Centre”. Our bank account details are as follows:

Bank Details:
Bank of Scotland
54/62 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3AH
Account name: Scottish Child Law Centre
Sort Code: 80-07-48
Account number: 00767150

Terms of Payment: Payment of fees is due within 30 days of issuing an invoice.

We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate prevailing under Section 6 of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

Cancellation of training:

If we cancel

We will make every attempt to reschedule the training

If you cancel

If a written cancellation is received 10 or more working days before the course, you will not be required to pay the course fees. However, you may be liable for 30% of the work undertaken by our solicitors in preparation for delivery of the bespoke course to your organisation and any other costs related to the administrative organisation of the event, such as cancellation fee for the venue hire etc. The Centre will notify you at the earliest opportunity of the estimated cancellation fees due.

If written cancellation is received 5-9 working days before the course, you are liable for 50% of the course fees.

If written cancellation is received 4 days or less before the course date, the full course fee is payable.

Data Protection: We agree that in the performance of the services that we shall comply with the applicable provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Dissatisfaction: If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service we provide to you, please make this clear as soon as possible to the solicitor responsible for your work. We will do what we can to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. If you are still not satisfied then please take matters up with the Director of the Centre.

Terms of Business: We ask that you sign a copy of these terms of business and return that to us. Should you fail to sign and return a copy, we shall assume in light of instructions which follow that you accept the terms hereof.

No limitation shall apply in respect of damage arising from fraud or dishonesty attributable to the Scottish Child Law Centre or in respect of liabilities which cannot lawfully be limited or excluded. Subject to this, the liability of Scottish Child Law Centre shall be limited as described in the following paragraph:
The liability of Scottish Child Law Centre to any claimant (“the Claimant”) under or in connection with this engagement shall be limited to that proportion of the damage suffered by the claimant as is just and equitable having regard to any contributory negligence on the part of the claimant and any responsibility for the damage in question of any other party to this Agreement or Addressee or of any other person who owes or has at any time owed a duty to the claimant in relation to the subject matter of this engagement.