Additional Support Needs

At the Scottish Child Law Centre we believe in importance of education for all children regardless of their personal circumstances. We have created 6 animations for children and young people advising them of their rights to receive additional supports in education.

We hope that these animations will help children and young people with additional support needs to learn about their rights and how to use them.

If you or someone you know has additional support needs, you might be interested to learn about other organisations that may be able to help you.

My Rights, My Say supports children in Scotland aged 12-15 with additional support needs to exercise their rights and to be involved in the decisions being made about their support for learning. It’s independent, confidential, easy to use and makes sure the views of children with additional support needs are heard.

Enquire provides advice and information on additional support for learning. Their mission is to raise awareness of children’s rights to extra support in school, help families and schools work together to ensure children get the support they need and provide advice to children and young people who might be struggling in school. They also provide advice to parents, carers and professionals working with children and young people.                    

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Reach help children and young people understand their rights to additional support for learning and their rights to be included, listened to and involved in decisions about their education.

Additional Support Needs and Additional Supports for Learning

Responsibility to Identify, Provide for and Review Additional Support Needs

Coordinated Support Plans for Children and Young People

Exclusion for Children and Young People

Resolving Disagreements with the School and Local Council

Other Ways of Resolving Disagreements with the School and Local Council  

We would like to thank all the professionals who reviewed these animations and a special thanks to Ellie and Nathan for their invaluable input into creating these animations.

 We would also like to thank the National Lottery Awards for All administered by National Lottery Community Fund for funding this project

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