Community Clinic Round Up

Mar 16, 2023 | News

We carried out a 6-week pilot of in person community Clinic in Govanhill in November 2022. The aim of the clinic was to reach some of Scotland’s most vulnerable children and to increase the diversity and equality of those we are delivering legal advice to. Stakeholder engagement highlighted that the best way of doing this was through a community presence, with access to interpreters.

Our pilot was a great success and highlighted a huge legal need for free child law advice across Glasgow. Our short presence made a huge difference in some of the lives of children in Glasgow. The clinic quickly saw referrals for individuals and families who needed support navigating their involvement with the law including permanence, kinship ,immigration, housing and child protection. Many of the cases presented were highly complex and in urgent need of action which evidenced a previous lack of access to legal aid and support.

Our strong partnership working with other organisations in the Govanhill area was key in making this happen. We are now in the process of sourcing funding to continue to deliver this much needed project and will keep you updated. In the meantime, if you know of anyone that lives in Glasgow or any other area in Scotland and requires advice on child law or any other legal matter that affects children and young people, please contact us to make a telephone appointment. You can call us on 0300 3301 421 or you can email us on

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