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Open Training and Masterclasses
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2018-2019  Training and Masterclass Programme

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** 23rd May 2018 - Permanance Orders: The Legal Process ** - BOOK NOW
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Course Time

13th June 2018


Permanence applications: Lessons from the EV case

with Julianna Cartwright, Westwater Advocates

A special masterclass focusing on the Supreme Court’s decision in the matter of EV (a child) and discussing the implications on applications for permanence made by local authorities. The masterclass will provide a rare insight into the case with speakers including Julianna Cartwright, Advocate for the appellant MB, who will discuss the welfare and detriment tests.

This is an essential course for social workers, local authority solicitors,
private practice solicitors and other professionals working with looked after and accommodated children or their families and carers.  

Venue: MacKenzie Building, 172 High Street, Old Assembly Close, Edinburgh, EH1 1Qx172 Old Assembly Close, Edinburgh EH1 1QX


2.5 hrs CPD




All coures half day 13:00-16:30, unless stated (full day 09:30-16:00)

23rd May18

Permanence Orders: The Legal Process (2.5hrs CPD)

Understanding the right to family life and the child's rights to be raised by his/her parents under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Convention on Human Rights and when this can be breached, who has parental responsibilities and rights in respect of the child, different permanence options, the difference between permanence and adoption orders, the process of applying for a permanence order, when a permanence order may be varied and revoked, delays associated with children reaching permanent placement, recent case law affecting this area.

20th Jun18

Essential Law for Additional Support Needs (2.5hrs CPD)

5th Sept 18

Contact: rights in law (5.5hours CPD) FULL DAY

12th Sep 18

Legal foundations of child protection (2.5hrs CPD)

3rd Oct 18

Children’s Hearings explained (5.5hrs CPD) FULL DAY

10th Oct 18

Meeting Obligations under the United Nations

Convention on the Rights of the Child     (2.5hrs CPD)

24th Oct 18

Capacity and confidentiality: Young People and the Law (2.5hrs CPD)

7th Nov 18

Essential law in relation to Parental Responsibilities and Rights (2.5hrs CPD)

5th Dec 18

Hearing the child in Children’s Hearings (2.5hrs CPD)

9th Jan 19

Capacity and Confidentiality: Young People and the Law (2.5hrs CPD)

23rd Jan 19

Children’s views in civil court (2.5hrs CPD)

6th Feb 19

Children’s Hearings Explained (5.5hrs CPD) FULL DAY

20th Feb 19

Essential law in relation to Parental Responsibilities and Rights (2.5hrs CPD)

6th Mar 19

Hearing the child in Children’s Hearings (2.5hrs CPD)

20th Mar 19

Legal foundations of Child Protection (2.5hrs CPD)

Autumn/ Winter Masterclass Programme

Further Information to follow

Aug 2018

                                                 Criminal Records
                                                 (details to follow)

Sept 2018

                                               Parental Alienation
     Julian Aitken, Advocate and Dr Anne Woodhouse, Child Psychologist

Oct 2018

                                         Additional Support Needs
                                                (details to follow)

Jan 2019

                                               Information Sharing
                                                (details to follow)

Feb 2019

                                                   Child Protection
                                                (details to follow)

Mar 2019

                                             Adults with Incapacity
                                                (details to follow)

Our training courses and masterclasses are designed to take account of the very latest legislation and good practice guidelines, and delivered by our solicitors. Member and various discounts apply. 

We are a recognised leader in the provision of training on children’s rights and the law as it affects children in Scotland. We provide a twice yearly programme of training courses which cover a wide range of topics and issues. Courses are designed to work in combination and as stand alone courses.

Training is provided by qualified solicitors employed by SCLC. Each course is an intensive learning experience in a venue in Central Edinburgh allowing for travel from most parts of Scotland. The training sets out the legal framework for the topic with the use of scenarios, case studies, questions and informal discussion to provide practical application for those working with children in a range of contexts.

If you have a query about training or masterclasses or would like to register advance interest in any of our courses please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or telephone 0131 668 4400.

Things people have said about our training courses


  • As a Children’s Rights Officer who has looked after children and young people, many of who have been sexually or otherwise abused or committed sexual offences against other children; I felt the course was really interesting and hope to use what I have learned while working with young people and professionals."

  •  'It will help me loads in my role with children. I wish I'd had the training months ago'. 

  • ‘Very informative and interesting training course’ – Children’s refuge worker.

  • 'Working as a support worker with young people, I found the course extremely useful'. 

  • Clarified many grey areas that I will be able to address within my workplace’ – Service Manager

  • ‘Will be interesting to see how this law is used in practice. Very concise, well-presented and helpful, illustrated stories and anecdotes’.

  • ‘Feel the course useful and very informative’  - Depute Head Teacher, Support for learning.

  • ‘Engaging, [trainer] knows the topic very well'.

  • ‘Clear, concise, accommodating of our questions and specific concerns...’

  • ‘Good understanding of domestic abuse and ethos of putting children first’.

  • ‘Very passionate and inspiring’ – Children’s Worker

  •  'Inspirational trainer'

2018-2019 Training Costs (held from 2017-2018)


Masterclass Half day Training Half day Training Full day
Student/Unwaged £50 £50 £70*
Charities £80 £80 £130*
Other organisations £100 £90 £160*
* includes lunch

  All bookings - 10% Discount available to Members of the Scottish Child Law Centre