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Kids Zone - Work Experience

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If you are at school and going on work experience the people who arrange and provide the work experience have duties, and you have rights. This information is to help you understand a bit about what people should do to make sure that your work experience is safe and enjoyable, and what your rights are.

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What you should know about work experience if you are still at school

1. What should I know before I start?

2. Should the people arranging my work experience check the place before I am sent anywhere?

3. What about making sure that the place is safe for me to work in?

4. What about making sure that I am safe at work in other ways and that I am treated fairly?

5. What kind of work can I do?

6. Can I still go on a work placement if I have a disability?

7. What if I have an accident while I am on my work placement?

8. Where else can I find out information?

 You could try

To read all of this information in a single downloadable document, click here