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What about making sure that I am safe at work in other ways and that I am treated fairly?

Your employer is responsible for looking after you at work. This includes making sure that all staff treat you properly.

There are a very few people who are banned from working with children. Your employer should not knowingly let you work with someone like that. However, in general, criminal record checks on staff are not required simply because you are going to be in the workplace doing work experience. Usually, only the person who is regularly responsible for training/supervising you will require a criminal record check. You could ask the person responsible for arranging your placement if this has been done and whether the employer has a child protection policy.


If you feel that you are vulnerable in any way extra criminal record checks may need to done, for example:-

1. Due to difficulties with school work or behaviour, illness or problems at home, or if you are under 16

2. Your placement is longer than 15 days and you are likely to be working with only 1 adult regularly, in a remote place or while travelling

3. You are likely to be staying away overnight

If you think that any of these things could apply to you, speak to the person in charge of arranging your placement. Find out whether this person has training in child protection (they may need to have) and ask them to make sure that all the proper steps will be taken to protect you properly.