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What should I know before I start?

1.Where you are going and how you are going to get there and back.

The place that you are going to work at is not responsible for providing you with transport or bus/train fares.

2.The name and contact details of the person who has arranged the work experience

It might be school staff or someone from another organisation. Make sure that you are given their contact details and that you take them with you to work experience in case you have a problem. People who arrange work experience should have special training.

3. The name of the person who will be responsible for you at the place you will be working

Where ever you are going, and whatever the work you will be doing there will be someone assigned to show you what to do and to provide you with supervision. You should know before you arrive who to ask for when you get there.

4. Your school should also give you advice about health and safety at work issues before you start. (see the section on health and safety)